fenyaSoft Software & Integration Solutions

fenyaSoft is a software development company that specializes in the automation of business processes and the integration of these processes into ERP, CRM and SCM systems.

Our focus is the provision of business solutions that directly integrate into:

  • Sage 50 Cloud (Pastel Partner/Express)
  • Sage One (Sage Business Cloud Accounting)
  • Sage\ Pastel Evolution (Sage 200)
  • Sage 300 (AccPac)
  • JD Edwards
  • SAP
  • 3rd Party systems and E-commerce platforms

Our services include the development and provision of integrated systems which include:

We pride ourselves in delivering turn-key solutions and systems with a hands-on approach that guides you and your business through the entire process and leaves you ready to start your new journey.

Automate, Integrate, Innovate - Sage & Software Integration Specialists

Our Software & Integration Solutions..

Sage Warehouse Management (WMS)

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration

fenyaWMS is a barcode integrated warehouse management system (WMS) for Sage 50cloud (Pastel Partner/Express), Sage One (Sage Business Cloud Accounting), Sage Evolution (Sage 200) and Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means that your stock control solution is directly linked to your ERP and there is no manual data sync between the two.

We have combined the benefits of barcode scanning and a warehouse management system (WMS) with direct Sage & GP integration to help your business effectively manage your inventory, reduce stock loss, and eliminate human error.

Using wireless mobile barcode scanners, our warehouse management system enables you to perform functions such as stock takes, invoicing picking, goods receipting and even more.

Our inventory management solution has been moulded and fine-tuned for over 10 years. We have successfully implemented this solution in various industries over the years. The flexibility of our barcode software to work in any industry and its ability to provide sustained inventory control are some of the reasons why we genuinely believe that our stock control solution is one of a kind.

For more information on our barcoded inventory management system, click the link below for more details.

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Sage Electronic Data Interchange

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic interchange or exchange of business information using a standardized format; a process which a company sends information to another company, organization, or platform electronically.

Our EDI integration solutions and platforms, housed under the name fenyaEDI, are directly integrated into Sage 50cloud (Pastel Partner/Express), Sage One (Sage Business Cloud Accounting), Sage Evolution (Sage 200) and Sage 300 (AccPac).

Our solutions cater for the automatic download and upload of purchase orders (particularly from retailers & field sales applications), invoices, stock information, customer data and more.

Our solutions offer a business to business (b2b) type integration allowing businesses to sync important data instantaneously and minimize data capture errors in the process.

We have been providing EDI solutions for over 12 years and have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of integration.

Click the link below for more information on our EDI solutions and platforms.

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Route & Distribution Planning

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration

fenyaDMT is a cloud based distribution and route management system which the integrates into Sage 50cloud (Pastel Partner/Express), Sage 200 Sage Evolution and JD Edwards.

fenyaDMT is designed for the distribution and supply chain environment and allows you to the streamline and consolidate your picking and delivery functions, order taking processes, route planning, supplier management and more.

With a dedicated route management and planning function, fenyaDMT allows you to group, sort and arrange customer orders and invoices into routes, print pricking and trip sheets and finally print tax invoices – all from one screen.

We have incorporated our EDI Solutions into fenyaDMT which effectively removes all manual data capture between the supplier, distributor, and customer and creates a fully integrated distribution planning system.

For more information on how you can revolutionize your supply chain, click the link below.

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Custom Software Development

We provide a bespoke software development service for those requirements that are unique to a specific business.

We have over 20 years of experience in software development and pride ourselves in delivering robust solutions in record deadlines. We develop software for and on various platforms including android, windows, and web solutions.

For any custom software requirements, please feel free to contact us. Click on the link below for more information.

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