fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery

The fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery(POD) solution is a fully electronic delivery tool designed for businesses who distribute or deliver to their customers.

The purpose of this Proof of Delivery(POD) solution is to:

Digitize the delivery process.

Electronically store and manage PODs.

Provide drivers or sales reps an easy and effective way to complete deliveries.

Key features of fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration

Some key features of our fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery solution are:

  • Download batches of invoices to the device for offline deliveries.
    • This means drivers do not need access to internet to perform deliveries in remote locations
  • Plan deliveries by route (when managed with the Route Management Module).
    • Combine the benefits of multiple fenyaWMS solutions to create an end-to-end distribution solution.
  • Electronic signing and storing of PODs.
    • PODs can be reprinted at any time.
    • PODs are automatically emailed to customers.
    • Fully paperless solution
  • Full and partial deliveries can be captured and managed on the device.
  • Report on outstanding deliveries
  • Geolocation tracking and timestamp deliveries.

For more information on what our Proof of Delivery(POD) solution can do for your business, Contact us here

Direct Sage ERP Integration

A key benefit of fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery is integration.

fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery can run as standalone or directly integrated into:

  • Sage 50 Cloud (Pastel Partner/Express)
  • Sage One (Sage Business Cloud Accounting)
  • Sage\ Pastel Evolution (Sage 200)

For more information on which ERPs we integrate with, Contact us here

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