Sage Retail EDI Integration

Our EDI platform provides a solution for suppliers and distributors to major retail outlets. Our fenyaEDI system effectively connects the customer and supplier, generating a direct and automated link between all parties involved.

fenyaEDI offers the following key features:

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration

  • Direct Integration
    • Customer orders are directly integrated into your ERP.
    • Where necessary, electronic invoices can be uploaded to the customer.
  • Pricing Validation.
    • Often the price on incoming orders is not the same as the ERP which means that either the invoice will be wrong or each order needs to be double checked. fenyaEDI will notify your staff where the price is different.
  • Picking Slips:
    • If you use 3rd party distributors, fenyaEDI can send them csv or pdf picking slips automatically.
  • Store Mapping.
    • Map stores to specific accounts in your ERP.
  • Distributor Integration.
    • A new feature in our EDI platform - here we link your Distributors to the EDI platform. This means orders, invoices and credits are automated between the distributor and supplier. This effectively removes all manual processing between supplier and distributor.
  • Statements/Invoices:
    • fenyaEDI provides electronic statements in the format required and uploads invoices once they are processed.

Currently our EDI solution is compatible with the following retailers:

  • Pick n Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Dischem
  • Foschini
  • Edcon
  • President Hyper

For more information on what our Retail EDI Plugin solutions can do for your business, Contact us here.

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