fenyaWMS in the Medical Industry

We have worked extensively in the medical supply sector and in doing so, we have not only gained valuable experience and insight into this industry but also designed special features specifically for this type of business.

Key features of fenyaWMS

Some key features of our fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery solution are:

  • Consignment stock inventory tracking and reporting.
    • Scan stock to and from hospitals.
    • Monitor inventory discrepancies between consignment issue and receipts.
    • Report on outstanding consignment issue and receipts.
  • Stock Taking in hospitals.
    • Scan stock in hospitals and sync the data immediately with the head office.
    • View variance reports per hospital and supplier.
  • GS1 barcode compatibly.
    • Scan GS1 barcodes and capture serial numbers, lot numbers and expiry dates using barcode scanners.
    • Remove all human error from the data capture process.
    • Print internal GS1 barcodes.
  • Stock Transfers between hospitals.
    • Scan and capture stock movements between hospitals.
    • Monitor detailed lot and serial transactions.
    • All transactions are user assigned, ensuring accountability.
  • Receiving of new stock.
    • Scan and capture new stock directly into Sage.
    • All lot and serial information is captured via the barcode scanner and verified at that moment.
    • This process ensures that the stock coming into your books has been captured correctly.
  • Detailed Serial Number, Lot Number and Expiry Date Reporting.
    • Keep track of each individual unit.
    • Track serial numbers throughout their life time.

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Direct Sage ERP Integration

A key benefit of fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery is integration.

fenyaWMS Proof of Delivery can run as standalone or directly integrated into:

  • Sage 50 Cloud (Pastel Partner/Express)
  • Sage One (Sage Business Cloud Accounting)
  • Sage\ Pastel Evolution (Sage 200)

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