fenyaWMS Sales Order Management

The fenyaWMS Sales Order Management Solution provides in-depth traceability of customer orders. From creation to delivery, FenyaSA monitors and provides insight on the process each order goes through.

The aim of the fenyaWMS Sales Order Management Solution is to:

Provide high level insight into the life cycle of a customer order.

Highlight operational inefficiencies.

And ultimately:

Improve the customer experience.

Key features of fenyaWMS Sales Order Management

Some key features of our fenyaWMS Sales Order Management solution are:

  • A timestamp is kept on each process an order enters (creation to delivery).
    • This means you can track the time each process takes, and the time in between each process.
    • Each event is also tied to a user for increased traceability
  • Live Picking Screen.
    • Live view of picking process.
    • Watch as order progress via live progress updates
  • Create picking schedules.
    • Arrange daily picking schedules and prioritize which orders need to be picked first.
  • Detailed Reporting on:
    • User performance.
    • Process performance.
  • Filterable reporting allows the user to quickly identify where an order is in the picking, packing or delivery process.
    • For any customer or internal queries.

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Direct Sage ERP Integration

A key benefit of fenyaWMS Sales Order Management is integration.

fenyaWMS Sales Order Management can run as standalone or directly integrated into:

  • Sage 50 Cloud (Pastel Partner/Express)
  • Sage One (Sage Business Cloud Accounting)
  • Sage\ Pastel Evolution (Sage 200)

For more information on which ERPs we integrate with, Contact us here

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