FenyaSoft - A Software Company

We are a software company, with more than 20 years experience, specializing in business process integration into other systems.

We provide solutions across a broad range of platforms, which include:

  • Desktop machines
  • Server type machines
  • Android devices
  • Web applications

Additionally, we provide various integration services to:

  • Sage (Pastel) ERP systems
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP and
  • Various E-commerce platforms (such as Shopify)

As we develop our own solutions, we able to easily tailor our existing solutions to meeting specific business requirements.

Our team of developers, project managers and support staff are highly skilled and can produce and implement quality solutions to suit specific requirements, even when facing constrained deadlines.

We provide turnkey solutions that consists of:

  • Barcode scanner hardware/software which includes:
    • Warehouse management solutions
    • Logistics & Telesales solutions
    • Supply chain management solutions
    • FMCG solutions
  • EDI software for all types of cross organization integration
    • EDI Purchase orders, invoices & more.
    • 3rd Party Systems Integration (Field sales applications and E-commerce sites).
    • Website Integration.
    • B2B Integration.
  • Custom desktop, web, mobile, and android development.
  • Specialized training.
  • Advanced technical support.
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