fenyaWMS Sage Integrated Dispatch Checking

We provide an integrated dispatch solution for Sage

Our dispatch solution integrates directly into:

  • Sage 50cloud (Pastel Partner)
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage One)
  • Sage 200\Evolution (Pastel Evolution)

This solution aims to ensure that the stock on order is the same as the stock going to your customer.

Key features of fenyaWMS Dispatch Checking:

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration
  • fenyaWMS prints scan sheets for each invoice.
  • Invoices are downloaded to the device wirelessly.
  • By scanning the product barcode, FenyaWM ensures you are picking the correct stock.
  • Real-time notifications of problem stock or variances.
  • The stock is picked against the invoices, meaning:
    • The scanner will not allow the incorrect items to be scanned.
    • The scanner will verify whether the correct quantities are being picked.
  • Capture lot numbers, serial numbers & expiry dates on the device.
    • In this case the details must match 100% for the process to continue.
  • Print dispatch labels:
    • These will detail, among other things, the date and time of dispatch.

In addition to the general picking process mentioned above, fenyaWMS:

  • Tracks the time spent picking each invoice.
  • Tracks the user who picked the invoice.
  • Tracks when the invoice is processed.

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