fenyaWMS Barcode Integrated Goods Receiving Software

Stock control does not start once goods are in the warehouse. It starts from the moment they are ordered. This is the basic premise of this solution.

Our goods receiving solution is a barcode integrated receipting solution for Sage and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Our goods receiving solution integrates directly into:

  • Sage 50cloud (Pastel Partner)
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage One)
  • Sage 200\Evolution (Pastel Evolution)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our goods receiving solution allows you to scan your stock into your warehouse using wireless barcode scanners. By scanning stock instead of manually receiving it, the system effectively removes all human errors from the receiving process and dramatically increases the speed and efficiency of this process.

fenyaWMS uses a 'Control Document' method in your receiving process to avoid mistakes and errors in this area.

The Control document is a Purchase Order type document that has already been captured and it is used to ensure that the stock physically being received matches your original order, hence the term 'Control Document'.

The goods receiving solution is just one of many tools with in our warehouse management system - fenyaWMS.

Key features of fenyaWMS Goods Receiving:

Streamline With Sage Inventory Control Software Integration
  • Print barcoded purchase order receiving slips via fenyaWMS.
    • This enables the user to scan the barcoded receiving slips and system will automatically download and display the relevant purchase orde.
  • Purchase orders’s are downloaded to the device wirelessly, either via WiFi or 3G\ 4G.
    • This wireless capability means the system can be used to receive stock across multiple geographical locations.
  • By scanning the product barcode, fenyaWMS ensures you are receiving the correct stock.
  • Real-time notifications of problem stock or variances.
  • The stock is picked against the purchase order (“Control Document”), meaning:
    • The scanner will not allow the incorrect items to be scanned.
    • The scanner will verify whether the correct quantities are received.
  • Capture Lot numbers, serial numbers & expiry dates on the device.
  • When the process is completed, the following will occur:
    • In case of any variances, the user will be required to submit a reason for these variances. This builds into detailed variance supplier reporting.
    • The scanned purchase order is extracted and converted to a Supplier Invoice (or GRN) or used to confirm the quantities depending on the Sage Pastel\GP version.

Using a control document for purchases not only provides additional accuracy and efficiency but allows for improved stock control and worker productivity in the receiving process.

In addition to the general picking process mentioned above, fenyaWMS:

  • Tracks the time spent receiving each order.
  • Tracks the personnel who received the order.
  • Tracks when the order is processed.
  • Provides reporting on the following:
    • Reasons for variances.
    • Variances.
    • Picking times.
    • User activities
Barcode Scanning Goods Receiving Software for Sage

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