A Barcode Scanning System for Faster and More Accurate Inventory Management

Barcode Scanning System For Accurate Inventory Management

Monitoring and recording the movement of stock items in a warehouse involves numerous tasks. A barcode scanning device can transform inventory management. A typical storage and distribution centre may house thousands of different stock items, and these must be arranged in an orderly fashion that allows warehouse staff to locate them as quickly as possible when required.

Goods must be checked and stored upon receipt and, later, will be dispatched to a retailer or transferred to another warehouse. The quantities and locations of thousands of items are constantly changing, and it is, therefore, crucial to employ a system to keep track of all such movements to ensure adequate stock levels.

The introduction of the stock-keeping unit, or SKU, was a significant innovation. SKUs are unique codes that a wholesaler or retailer can assign to individual stock items, thus making it easier to store them logically and retrieve them. The earliest version was alphanumerical and required staff to check around eight digits against a master list. Fortunately, the introduction of barcodes has made it possible to computerise the identification process, saving time and eliminating errors.

The fenyaSoft Solution for Simplifying Inventory Management

Managing a warehouse’s inventory involves several processes and an effective routine for performing each of them. Incoming deliveries must be identified and their quantities verified against the relevant orders before storing them in the correct location. It may be necessary to provide proof of delivery. Products must be picked and invoiced for dispatch to retailers, and keeping a record of any goods transferred to other branches is essential. Ultimately, monitoring the precise number of each item held by means of a stock take is vital.

The fenyaSoft solution offers users a means to streamline each of these processes by employing a hand-held barcode scanning device to capture SKUs and pass the encoded data to an appropriate commercial data processing package. Activities differ between establishments, and a smaller business would not wish to invest in technology for which it has no need. So, rather than a comprehensive program to meet all inventory management needs, fenyaSoft offers a modular product that allows each business to assemble a system that will best meet its particular needs. Furthermore, because those needs may sometimes be unique, our development team can consult with a company and create a customised solution. Those with more generalised needs can choose from various fenyaSoft modules to compile a system that will satisfy their specific operation. These modules include:

  • Goods Receiving
  • Sales and Invoicing
  • Stock Transfers
  • Credits
  • Returns
  • Sock Details
  • Dispatch
  • Mobile Sales
  • Stock Take

fenyaSoft Inventory Management Utilises Wireless and Cloud-Based Technology

Wireless communication eliminates the need to purchase additional PCs. It enables the scanned data to be sent to a printer or integrated directly into other software programs, including various Sage accounting packages and Microsoft Dynamic GP, popular enterprise resource planning programs. In addition, access to the cloud enables data and resource sharing between multiple branches.

In short, our Android-based barcode scanning system has the potential to manage your inventory more accurately and with far less effort. If you’re ready to upgrade and simplify your life, why not get in touch with us today?

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