Optimise Sage Inventory Control With Integrated Management Software

Sage Inventory Control

Sage inventory control software is popular with warehouses and can be transformed into a comprehensive inventory management solution by automating data flow. Keeping a close check on the movements of stock-keeping units (SKUs) as they are sold, received, relocated or returned is crucial for managing a warehouse or supermarket stockroom effectively. Failure to maintain adequate stock of a popular item can damage customer loyalty and cause lost sales. While overstocking ties up needed floor space and capital required for other purposes. However, maintaining that balance is often a matter of guesswork.

Periodic stocktakes are a necessary evil but a means to acquire the physical evidence needed to verify and, more often than not, to rectify the figures previously captured via the software. However, the conventional stocktaking procedure is exacting, time-consuming, tiring and thus, frequently plagued by human error. Much the same can be said of the painstaking task of manually entering data about stock movements into the Sage inventory control software.

It would undoubtedly make a warehouse manager’s life far more straightforward if there were some means to automate these tasks and integrate them with other essential management processes. In practice, this is already possible. With the help of the B2B and EDI integration specialists at FenyaSoft, an automated inventory management solution could be yours within a day or two.

The Key to Maximising The Use of Your Sage Inventory Control Software

The integrated Sage inventory management software solution is FenyaWMS. This warehouse management system is just one of the many innovative world-class FenyaSoft products now helping numerous South African industries streamline their ess

Our system enables direct integration into popular Sage products, including Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Pastel Evolution, and is also compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP, offering maximum control of all your stock movements, including goods received, sales, orders, returns and SKU relocations. The key to the product’s extensive functionality and the numerous related benefits lies in the marriage of two widely used digital technologies; barcode scanning and wireless connectivity. Together, they can reduce paperwork, limit human error and save hours. Let’s see how each of these contributes to the speed and efficiency of FenyaWMS.

    Bar code scanning: Supplementing multidigit product numbers with a barcode or QR code has become universal, saving valuable time for check-out operators and customers alike. However, there are many other ways to leverage this technology. FenyaWMS employs hand-held scanners, capturing product details instantly and eliminating errors. Wireless connectivity: When employing a 3G WiFi signal to upload the scanned data to the Sage inventory control system, an operator can work from any point within a warehouse or stockroom, thus eliminating any need to invest in additional PCs.

The integrated Sage inventory management software can also be used offline and has numerous other helpful features, including monitoring user activity and work rates. The captured stock data can also be processed to generate informative reports such as details of slow-moving, under or over-stocked items and extrapolated to help predict and prepare for upcoming customer demands.

If you are tired of errors, guesswork and wasted time that could be used more productively, please get in touch. It’s time we talked about the perfect solution.

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