How Using Efficient Stock Control Software Could Help Grow Your Business

Efficient Stock Control Software For Business Growth

Recognising which items are in high demand and maintaining adequate stock are key growth elements. Smart stock control software can streamline these tasks. A traditional stocktake can be a highly disruptive procedure, often requiring a business to cease trading whilst the event is in progress. Alternatively, one might choose to check inventory levels outside of working hours and accept the added expense of substantial overtime payments. Either way, manually conducting your inventory control is a time-consuming and often physically demanding undertaking that is prone to human error.

By contrast, installing an automated system could eliminate the need for these periodic checks. With the help of a suitable inventory control software package, the process can be automated and continuous, providing your business with access to accurate, current stock levels on demand.

How Does Stock Control Software Work?

The barcode was one of the most significant innovations of the twentieth century and was quickly applied by retailers. The ability to encode data in a graphic format and decode it with a hand-held reader revolutionised the supermarket shopping experience for customers and checkout operators. However, those familiar black vertical lines are designed to hold far more information than the price of a barcoded item. Furthermore, reading their encoded data has the potential to enable more than displaying figures on a cash register.

A barcode also acts as a unique identifier that replaces the more complex 12-digit numbering system previously used to differentiate stock items. The latter forms the basis for the manual stocktake, so it’s not hard to see why errors are commonplace. By contrast, a scanner makes no mistakes when identifying items from their barcodes. However, the data gathered in this fashion is not limited to counting stock items but can form the basis for an inventory control system that will automatically collect and analyse data, generate reports and initiate any necessary action. The fenyaWM Stock Take package eliminates dependence on manual stocktakes and can accelerate your business growth.

The Benefits of Embracing Stock Control Software

While scanning an item is substantially quicker than reading and recording it manually, the fenyaWMS inventory control software offers a business many other benefits as follows:

  • Supports Multiple Users: SKU data can be collected from multiple scanners operating in different locations and collated wirelessly to create a combined record.
  • Universal Scanning Ability: Our system can interpret barcoded data from individual units, packs and cases and will perform any necessary calculations to arrive at an accurate total for each SKU.
  • Direct ERP and Accounting Integration: The fenyaWMS software integrates directly with popular enterprise resource planning programmes, including Sage 50Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is also compatible with the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API.
  • Cost Variance Reporting: This facility enables the user to quickly identify any problem stock items and ascertain the value of stock gains or losses.
  • Generate Historical Reports: Leverage the benefits of hindsight with a system that analyses previous stocktake figures to identify trends combined with the option to generate monthly or annual performance reports.

Ready to Install Stock Control Software?

fenyaSoft specialises in developing barcode-based warehouse management systems and software integration. We are keen to partner with you in growing your business with a suitable software solution, so why not take a minute or two to complete our online enquiry form?

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