Installing the Right WMS Software will Enhance Your Order Fulfilment Potential

Enhance Order Fulfilment With WMS Software Integration

Utilising the right WMS software will streamline operations, reduce errors, and meet customer demands more accurately, ensuring efficient order fulfilment. Managing the many activities of a typical warehouse need no longer be the complex, labour-intensive and time-consuming process it once was. Thanks to a succession of technological advances, these tasks can now be completed faster and more accurately with fewer employees and at a much-reduced cost. Barcoding, wireless data transmission, and software developers have been the key contributors to this welcome transformation.

Software integration specialists at FenyaSoft have developed a warehouse management system that can be seamlessly integrated with various Sage accounting packages and Microsoft Dynamics GP. The system employs a mobile wireless barcode reader that replaces the need for manual data input, thus improving accuracy, saving time, and boosting productivity. When integrated with Sage 50cloud, a company’s warehouse staff can securely access the remotely-stored data from multiple geographical locations.

Main Features of FenyaSoft WMS Software

  • Wireless operation eliminates the need for expensive cabling.
  • The FenyaWM software can handle both lot numbers and serial numbers.
  • The system’s auditing ability to trace transactions by time, device, and user adds accountability.
  • Devices are not restricted to your Sage network but can be used anywhere.
  • Extensive reporting options include variance history, stock take, user productivity and more.

These are just a few ways this feature-rich package can help improve productivity, cut costs, and streamline your warehousing tasks in general.

The FenyaSoft WMS Software is a Modular System

This unique Android-based solution integrates seamlessly with Sage Pastel. Our warehouse management system optimises the routine tasks of a typical warehouse by improving accuracy and reducing processing times. End users may choose to install up to nine modules according to their most pressing needs. Let’s take a closer look at five of these:

  • Stock Details: With a quick scan of a given product, this module will display its description, price, stock level and any other encoded information included in its barcode.
  • Stock Take: Installing this module will slash the time required for this arduous but necessary task while minimising data-capturing errors and improving stock-level monitoring in general.
  • Stock Transfers: This option will reduce your paperwork and avoid operational delays. Using a hand-held scanner, you will be able to initiate and monitor stock transfers in real-time.
  • Mobile Sales: This is the ideal solution for the travelling salesperson. Instead of lengthy phone calls, misheard instructions and inevitable delays, the mobile sales module will enable them to make their sales independently, placing their orders directly and printing customer invoices on the fly. In addition, the stored data can be retrieved by managers to monitor the activity of their sales personnel.
  • Goods Receiving: If you want to limit your paperwork and ensure your suppliers deliver what you ordered, this module is for you.

FenyaWM is an exceptionally comprehensive WMS software solution. In addition to the above, it includes Sales & Invoicing, Credits, Returns and Dispatch modules. If you are struggling with errors, delays and reams of paperwork, we can help. When you’re ready to streamline your warehousing tasks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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