How Stock Management Systems Help Ensure Business Success

Stock Management Systems

Maintaining a balance between stock levels and customer demands is vital to ensure business success. Automated stock management systems eliminate guesswork. Few things are more annoying for a customer than being informed that the item they ordered is out of stock and it might be several weeks before it is available again. Such shortages often lead to cancelled orders, and customers lost to a competitor.

On the other hand, holding excessive volumes of goods for which there is limited demand creates headaches for warehouse managers. Overstocking such items occupies space that could be better utilised and ties up capital that could be used to purchase more popular products.

Nevertheless, all stock movements are routinely documented, including goods received, sales, returns and transfers. Consequently, all the data required to help balance supply and demand is on hand and must only be correlated to provide a working stock management solution. However, when conducted manually, the correlation process is time-consuming, labour-intensive and prone to human error. So what is the answer?

Automated Stock Management Systems

Today, there are very few tasks that would have previously been undertaken by a human operator that can’t be handled faster and more effectively by a computer and a suitable software package. Inventory control is no exception. The process of correlating all the available data about stock movements from multiple sources can now be automated with the help of specialised integration software. For example, a cross-reference exercise that might have occupied a staff member for 15 minutes or more when conducted manually can now be completed in seconds while eliminating the risk of mistakes.

Eighteen inventory control modules developed by FenyaSoft cover all possible needs, providing the means for warehouse managers to tailor a system that best meets their unique business requirements. Let’s examine a few of these purpose-built software solutions and learn how they could benefit your business.

    Integrated sales/invoice picking: This module enables you to keep track of outgoing stock with a wireless barcode scanner, eliminating errors and increasing speed and efficiency. Like all FenyaSoft stock management systems, this module supports the direct integration of data with popular Sage products. Barcoded stock take: Rather than depending on the human eye to identify lengthy stock numbers and manual data recording, barcode scanning and direct ERP integration offer warehouses, distributors and retailers a means to guarantee unparalleled speed and efficiency. In addition to directly integrating with Sage products, this module is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Proof of delivery: This module is ideal for any business that delivers goods to its customers. This FenySoft solution enables drivers and sales reps to digitise the delivery process, including electronically generating, storing and managing the all-important POD documentation. A key feature of this module is that drivers can still download invoices without accessing the internet, an invaluable option when operating in remote areas. When combining this module with the FenyaSoft route planning software, drivers will enjoy the ultimate end-to-end delivery solution.

Purchasing Integrated Stock Management Systems

Automate, integrate, and innovate – these are the cornerstones of our business, helping others achieve business success through tailored software solutions. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how FenyaSoft can help your business prosper and grow.

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