Integrate Your Processes with Sage Inventory Control Sofware to Streamline Your Business

Maximising ROI With Wireless Barcode Scanning Systems

Manually entering data into your Sage inventory control software is time-consuming and error-prone. Integrating with a barcode scanning system is the solution. Operating a hypermarket, wholesale warehouse, or distribution centre poses numerous challenges. In particular, keeping track of the movements of thousands of stock-keeping units (SKUs) can be a nightmare. When tackled conventionally, this task alone requires continuous monitoring and meticulous record-keeping and demands far too much attention from personnel who could be more productive if deployed elsewhere.

On the plus side, keeping handwritten records is no longer necessary. However, although the personal computer and the subsequent development of inventory management programs like Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Sage range have long replaced pen, paper, filing cabinets and illegible writing, these refinements don’t eliminate human error. Neither do they significantly reduce the time required to maintain a company’s stock records. So, what if there was a way to overcome the need for staff to update your inventory control system manually? Thanks to wireless technology and help from a software integration specialist, you could soon be transmitting your SKU data to your chosen inventory management system automatically.

Using Barcodes to Provide the Data for Your Inventory Control Software

Traditionally each stock item was identified by a unique number, but while this was helpful, it’s easy to misread numbers when under pressure. By contrast, representing that number in a graphical form like a barcode or QR code and scanning it with an optical reading device can eliminate such mistakes and save time. These alone are significant benefits, but that’s not where it ends.

An optical barcode reader interprets the lines and patterns and converts them into a digital signal. At a till point, for example, some of the data contained in that signal can be used to display the name and price of the scanned item on a screen. However, once it is in digital form, there are many more ways to take advantage of the barcoded data. Let’s look at just a few of the many ways your business could benefit by leveraging this versatile technology:

  • Greater accuracy: Many users report that using a barcoded system has reduced their incidence of data entry levels tenfold. The few errors that do occur are mainly due to scanning the wrong codes, mislabelling, untrained operators and poorly-maintained or damaged equipment.
  • Save time: When using an integrated inventory control system, one quick and simple action will be sufficient to update your system with details of sales, returns and stock levels instantly.
  • Greater flexibility: The ability to transmit the scanned data wirelessly allows operators to work from anywhere, as necessary. By allowing staff freedom to operate from multiple locations, wireless technology also eliminates the need for additional PCs, thus creating a more flexible working environment.
  • Cloud-based services: A suitable Sage inventory control software package could store your data in the cloud rather than on a local server. Cloud storage offers an ideal means for a company to collate and share data with branches in multiple locations.

FenyaSoft is a leader in software integration. If you are ready to streamline your business, save time and cut costs, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about automating your Sage inventory control system or comparable product.

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